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Signs of an anal carcinoma can be blood coming from the anus and nodular indurations of the rectum.

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Cramping pain, irregular stools and involuntary bowel movement suggest an advanced stage of anal cancer, as well as enlarged rough inguinal lymph nodes. Inspection of the outer and inner anal region with the finger leads to the diagnosis which is secured by a tissue sample. Also instrumental examination is required for tumours in the anal canal. For smaller, i. Surgical treatment is also a first option with greater depth extension into the anal canal. At greater depth extension and/or localization of tumours in the upper anal canal, a combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy takes place.

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Unfortunately, anal cancers infiltrate very early in the muscles of the sphincter, so when surgery is used, saving this muscle is usually not possible. Anal Carcinoma of the lower anal canal and the rectum occur in men about three to four times as often as women, while anal cancers of the upper anal canal more frequently occur in women. Anal canal cancers occur predominantly from the age of 60. These cancers in an earlier age occur in immune deficiency. Get in touch with us for your individual Anal cancer therapy using Virotherapy and Hyperthermia. Our team is here to help you.

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